Our Guarantee

BullTrade guarantees to try to meet the needs of all of our members the best that we can. We're here for you.

BullTrade guarantees to give you what you pay for. Newsletters will be sent to your e-mail address sometime before each market session. Whether that is 20 hours or 20 minutes before the market open is beyond our control. As a fail safe, check the web site, because the newsletters are always posted in the Members area when the e-mailed version is sent. We cannot guarantee that your ISP (Comcast, Verizon, Cox, etc.) will deliver the e-mail to your address in time, or at all, but it will be sent from our end to the address you sign up with. The Special Membership operates the same way. Once you sign up for the Stock Alerts, they will be sent to your e-mail address as promised. If you are not receiving what you signed up for, contact your ISP, because they may be mistakenly blocking our e-mails. If your ISP says there is no problem, then you may have misspelled your e-mail address when signing up. Because we promise to send you what you pay for, we will reimburse you for time lost, but otherwise we will not offer full refunds for issues out of our control. We keep records of all e-mails sent, so if you chargeback your membership fees from a credit card company, you will lose your claim, and fraud charges may be filed. If you sign up and don’t get your e-mailed receipt, or your first newsletter, please contact us right away (after you've contacted your ISP) so that we may help fix the problem.

Common problems for not receiving what you paid for:

  1. Inbox full
  2. Typo in e-mail address (contact us if you don't receive your signup receipt)
  3. ISP is blocking our e-mails (contact them to let them know you WANT to receive these e-mails)
  4. You are blocking our e-mails (check your junk mail filters)
  5. Your e-mail software is blocking our e-mails (check your filter settings)

Please read our disclaimer before using any of our services.