At BullTrade, we want you to consistently beat the markets

When it comes to stock trading, everyone strives for the same goal – wealth accumulation. Each and every one of us wants to age comfortably without monetary worries so we can spend more time on the things that are truly important to us like family, friends and our hobbies. At BullTrade, we not only seek to help your assets grow, but also to save your most precious commodity, time.

Prior to the recent surge in personal Internet trading, the brokerage houses provided one solution for most investors. However, with high commissions, very little personal involvement and very average returns, traders began to believe they could do better on their own and at a fraction of the cost. Thus, the age of the daytrader began. Yet, shortly thereafter, with most daytraders floundering in the seas of program buying, brokerage manipulation and bad information, it became harder and harder to beat the markets. Only with hours upon hours of research, good contacts and a whole lot of experience can the markets be consistently beaten. Herein lies the value of the BullTrade memberships. was founded in 1996 with the intention of helping the common investor beat the markets. As one of the first Internet Stock Newsletters, BullTrade has carved out a name that is synonymous with high performance, consistency and friendly service. Our subscribers join not just for stock picks, but also for a friendly guiding hand that is 100% on the trader's side. We can only prosper if you do. Due to BullTrade's success, our subscribers remain with us year after year after year. Join today and see for yourself.